Build server and Staging patch submission

Michael Müller michael at
Sun Apr 23 19:05:24 CDT 2017

Hi all,

I would like to announce some changes regarding the build server and the
patch submission for Wine Staging.

As already mentioned in the last email about the packaging changes, one
of the main ideas was to implement an easy to use web interface, so that
wine developers can create their own builds. As you can most probably
imagine, such a system is quite complex (updating VMs, building
packages, signing packages, updating repos, synchronizing files, ...)
but I think we have now reached a state in which we can put the system
into a public beta. There are some tasks left (like adding support for
FreeBSD), but the main system works and was already used to create the
2.5, 2.6 and 2.0.1 WineHQ packages. I have created a wiki article which
describes how to get access to the builder and basically everything else
you need to know. You can find it at

There is another change we would like to announce. Since Wine Staging
was merged into WineHQ, there was no longer an official way to suggest
patches. This lead to a non-transparent system of private emails,
requests in bug reports etc. This is not something you would expect from
an open source project, so we took the opportunity and also included a
patch tracker into the website. Submissions and comments are now public
for everyone and you can also subscribe to changes. For more information
about the system and how to submit patches, take look at We have tested the patch
tracker in a closed beta phase, so you can also find some older
submissions there.

Both systems are available at They use
the same login system, so you don't need to registers two accounts.
Alternatively, you can just use Github for the login, then just have to
verify your email address. Everything else should be described in the
corresponding Wiki articles. So, try it out and drop me an email if you
find any issues!


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