[PATCH] comctl32/taskdialog: Implement buttons.

Fabian Maurer dark.shadow4 at web.de
Sun Apr 23 20:07:42 CDT 2017

> > It's tempting to use DIALOG_SPACING here as well to reduce amount of
> > magic.
> since the vertical distance between buttons on my windows machine is only
> 1px, 5px sounds like a bit much in that case.

> > This does not do the right thing. Having first row right-aligned is not
> > a goal. According to my manual testing all rows are left aligned, and
> > wrapped as soon as next button width exceeds dialog width, which by the
> > way is supposed to grow, if cxWidth is 0. We can ignore that for now I
> > guess.
> Can't confirm that on my machine. The buttons are right aligned, and if
> there is more than one row, the second is left aligned to the first one.
> For example, if you have one button, it's always on the right. If you have
> two rows of 4 buttons, it's aligned right, too.
> While my code doesn't take into account all corner cases, like one button
> that's bugger than all others, it gets the main look done.

Any comments on this?

Fabian Maurer

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