[PATCH] programs/winecfg: enable CSMT checkbox on Graphics tab

Donat Enikeev donat at enikeev.net
Tue Apr 25 01:02:04 CDT 2017

Hi Henri,

Thanks, I was not aware about the plans to make CSMT enabled by default eventually (great news btw). So if it goes with the next stable release, the checkbox doesn't make sense, indeed


25.04.2017, 00:45, "Henri Verbeet" <hverbeet at gmail.com>:
> On 24 April 2017 at 23:31, Donat Enikeev <donat at enikeev.net> wrote:
>>  Do you think so generally, meaning it's better to educate users in wine/regedit usage :) or the feature is not in the beta-state yet?
> It's just not something that you should ever need to modify, except
> for debugging or testing purposes. I.e., at some point it will be
> enabled by default, and if disabling it fixes something, that would be
> a bug in Wine.
>>  Its disabled by default, and even when enabled is not expected to affect non-3D apps (please correct me). And it potentially brings less harm by misconfiguration than DLL overrides available near.
> I don't think the case for DLL overrides in winecfg is great either, no.
>>  Nevertheless, I think in slightly opposite way. There are number of applications that run smoothly with what you had adjusted already in this area, why not allow regular users to try an app with and without the feature in convenient way?
> At this point, enabling CSMT would be for testing and debugging
> purposes. While I'd hope plenty of people will do such testing, the
> idea is also that such testing would result in useful bug reports. I
> don't have much hope for those if using regedit is too much of a
> hurdle.

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