[1/4] ole32: Implement DataCache_InitCache

Huw Davies huw at codeweavers.com
Thu Apr 27 06:48:39 CDT 2017

On Wed, Apr 26, 2017 at 03:42:59PM +0800, Wei Xie wrote:
> Fix cann't insert any HBITMAP in RichEdit control


Thanks for working on this.

In general this series in going to need some unit tests to be
submitted along with it.  There are already some for the data-cache in

The documentation for IOleCache_InitCache() implies that it supposed
to be used after first calling IOleCache_Cache() to specify which
formats are to be cached, rather than the way you have implemented it.
I'd imagine that OleCache_InitCache() would call IDataObject_GetData()
on each of the wanted formats and pass that off to
IOleCache_SetData().  Anyway, some tests will confirm this.

I'll add a couple of comments to the other patches, but the tests
need writing first.

[Note, it's "can't" or "cannot", not "cann't"].


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