commctl32: TaskDialog

Nikolay Sivov bunglehead at
Wed Jan 4 15:58:45 CST 2017

On 04.01.2017 22:24, Fabian Maurer wrote:
> Hello,
> just a question about the TaskDialog/TaskDialogIndirect functions. We already 
> had a few patches in February  2015, but they weren't accepted for some 
> reason.
> I'd start from scratch anyway, but something to look out for, mistakes that 
> stopped the old series from being accepted?

There was some feedback, take a look at wine-devel archives from
February, 2015. My problem with it was mostly that it needed some
cleanup here and there.

> We're in code-freeze now, but I'd already start to give it a try.

That's great, please do.

> Another thing, since it's an internal UI class, how do you write test cases 
> for those? I can probably test return value with simulated clicks, but after 
> all, it's mostly visual whether control are properly aligned and shown.

It makes sense to check if buttons and other control have fixed dialog
item ids, if that's the case you can send messages directly to simulate
clicked buttons for example. Test for visual appearance is too much,
simple test program that you can share is good enough.

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