[PATCH] msvcrt: Trace clean_type_info_names_internal

Piotr Caban piotr.caban at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 10:10:48 CST 2017

On 01/12/17 23:57, Jarkko Korpi wrote:
> Signed-off-by: Jarkko Korpi <jarkko_korpi at hotmail.com>
> There are only 2 fixmes in the file, all others are traces. And the other fixme is printed only once. This is printed quite often.
There are only 2 FIXMEs in the file because other functions are 
implemented. I don't think this FIXME is very annoying taking into 
account that it's mainly printed when the application exits. Is it 
causing any issues for you? I prefer to have it printed unless it breaks 
application or makes logs unusable.


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