Performance Testing Wine-1.2-rc4 vs Wine-1.8

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Wed Jan 18 12:59:24 CST 2017

Puk made me aware of a mistake in my subject: The comparison is 2.0 vs
1.8, not the ancient 1.2 of course.

Am 2017-01-17 um 22:55 schrieb Stefan Dösinger:
> Hi,
> After more than a year of break I ran my Wine benchmarking scripts again
> on one of my two test machines: The iMac5.1 box with a Radeon X1600 GPU.
> You can see the results and the comparison to the last regular run here:
> The one game that jumps out is Trackmania Nations. It apparently
> regressed from approx. 32 fps to 24. I will run a bisect in the next
> days to pinpoint the patch that caused this. The game itself wasn't updated.
> Other than TMNations there is nothing too surprising. 3DMark2000 and
> 2001 are slightly slower, Half Life 2 (which surprisingly didn't seem to
> be changed by Valve since December 2015) is slightly faster. Unigine
> Heaven, UT2004 and World in Conflict are unchanged.
> As you can see in the results I updated the kernel, Mesa and Wine
> separately to see where changes come from (stable interfaces ftw!). The
> oldkernel_oldmesa_oldwine result differs from the 2015 one in the
> general update of the system (KDE Desktop, X server, DDX driver, etc).
> Unfortunately this old machine is the less interesting one of my two
> test boxes. I still don't have a monitor for my Radeon HD 5700 Desktop.
> I ordered one a while ago and it should arrive soon. If I have time I'll
> try to run the tests next week.
> Cheers,
> Stefan

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