Performance Testing Wine-1.2-rc4 vs Wine-1.8

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Fri Jan 20 13:11:40 CST 2017

Am 2017-01-17 um 22:55 schrieb Stefan Dösinger:
> The one game that jumps out is Trackmania Nations. It apparently
> regressed from approx. 32 fps to 24. I will run a bisect in the next
> days to pinpoint the patch that caused this. The game itself wasn't updated.
I bisected this on my Nvidia laptop and ended up with
9b7ff40d7e2bf1a6bafffe65a94d2381e8fb1c7d. I don't quite trust the result
because the difference between good and bad is relatively small on this
device (128 vs 132 fps). I'll verify it on the iMac on Sunday and file a
proper bug report once I am more confident about the regression SHA1.

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