André Hentschel nerv at
Fri Jan 20 18:48:14 CST 2017


while looking through the output of my wip script for detecting wrong spec file entries I came across authz.dll

And here we have two suspicious functions:
AuthzInitializeContextFromSid and AuthzInitializeContextFromToken

Both have a parameter of type "LUID" (a struct, not a pointer) which is defined as:
typedef struct _LUID {
    DWORD LowPart;
    LONG HighPart;

The spec-file says this is a long:
@ stdcall AuthzInitializeContextFromSid(long ptr long ptr long ptr ptr)
@ stdcall AuthzInitializeContextFromToken(long long long ptr long ptr ptr)

I think a struct like this deserves two longs ("long long") in the spec file, right?

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