A couple unrelated issues

Rafał Mużyło galtgendo at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 09:26:14 CST 2017

Just as the title says, I've got a couple problems/questions that don't
have much in common except for "happening in wine".

1. regedit and long REG_BINARY values: the edit control should either be
made resizable or scrollable, cause long values just don't fit in the
box; as a temporary solution, I've made a hackish patch, that changes
the font the control uses (not sure if that's necesarry, but it's just
feels more natural to use monospaced font here), makes sure all glyphs
get the same space and once the value wraps, if it's a non-integer
divide, the last line is correctly placed;

2. alsa/pulseaudio and stream recovery: as in the past, it's hard to
tell if it's wine or the underlaying stuff that fails; the problem I'm
hearing is that apps sometimes without any apparent reason (as CPU usage
isn't all that different than the average) go into '(snd_pcm_recover)
underrun occurred' mode and start playing the sounds on much higher rate
and then just as randomly (as it's again seemingly not related to CPU
usage) recover; it's the randomness that bothers me: both going into the
state *and* not recovering for several minutes; would it be possible, if
not outright fix that, then for example add a helper app, that the user
could manually trigger to force recovery ?

3. err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection  wait timed out in thread <nr>, blocked by <nr>, retrying (60 sec): this is an annoyance, sometimes a major one; namely, it happens that I terminate an app by pressing ^C; usually, that works just fine, but every now and then app goes into that unterminatable state and not for those 60 sec (which is horribly long anyway), but pretty much indefinitelly; it really shouldn't do that; this requires a taskmgr or wineboot intervention to close it

4. (somewhat related to the previous) taskmgr could use a little
enhancement: when running several apps with the same executable name,
it's very hard to tell (impossible ?) how a line from process tab
relates to application tab; usually it's not much of a problem, but if
point 3 strikes, there's no more entry in the app tab, but the process
is still there and you need to guess, which will often be wrong; perhaps
the entries in the process tab should print the app name or have an
option in the context menu to retrieve it ?

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