Packaging related changes

Michael Müller michael at
Tue Mar 28 17:05:51 CDT 2017

Hi everyone,

I would like to announce some very important build server / packaging
related changes that will take effect with the next release. As most of
you should know, Sebastian and I took care of the Wine Development and
Staging builds for more than a year now. So far we were using a
collection of scripts which were run on a dedicated machine to build and
upload the packages. This solution did not scale very well, so we
decided to rework the whole build system.

The new system can not only be controlled using a command line utility
but also provides an easy to use website which gives us the possibility
to provide some great new features. Interested Wine developers will be
able to request access to the system so that they can start their own
builds. This can for example be used to provide a patched Wine version
for testing in a bug report or to verify that a patch is compatible with
all platforms and compilers.

Nevertheless, in this mail I would like to concentrate on the user
related changes. The developer related features need some further
polishing and will be announced in a separate mail. Starting with the
next release, we will use our new build server to compile the packages,
leading to the following differences:


Launchpad is no longer used for the Ubuntu builds

In order to provide the possibility for Wine developers to create their
own builds through our system, we had to move away from Launchpad. This
will also have the advantage that we can provide older builds (see
below). The disadvantage of this change is that our users will have to
manually switch from the PPA to the new repository, since there is no
way to push prebuilt Debian/Ubuntu packages into a PPA on Launchpad (not
even with a commercial subscription).

We already added the new Ubuntu repository to the CDN, so that users can
start switching by now and don't have to wait till the next release. The
repository can be added using the following commands:

sudo apt-key add Release.key
sudo apt-add-repository ''

To make sure that all users will be informed about this change, I will
push at least one additional update (Wine 2.5) to the PPA that displays
a warning during the package upgrade containing the necessary
instructions (I hope this also works on Ubuntu, I have only tested it on
Debian so far). This means users will have at least two weeks to switch
from the PPA to the new repository - maybe a bit more if we push
additional builds.

Old packages for Ubuntu / Debian

On the last build server we used reprepo to generate the Debian
repositories. One disadvantage of the tool is that it does not support
multiple versions of a package. We tried several other tools, but they
did not fit our needs, so I ended up writing my own tool that does not
have this limitation. This will make it easy to download and test old
versions of Wine when using the new repository. There are some small
packaging changes left, but in the future you will be able to tell
apt-get which version you would like to install using:

sudo apt-get install winehq-devel=2.4.0-1~stretch

You can get a list of all available versions with:

apt-cache policy winehq-devel

 * The "-1~stretch" part is used for the packaging.
 * The additional ".0" version component is added for technical reasons,
to ensure package managers can determine which version is the latest one.

Wine Stable is now available as package

We will start providing builds for Wine Stable, which will be called
"winehq-stable". This is actually a change we have planned for quite
some time now, but all the manual steps involved in the old build system
and the limited resources blocked us from doing this change earlier.

Added / removed distros

The following distros have been removed as they are no longer supported
or reach their EOL within the next month:
	* Ubuntu Precise
	* Fedora 23
	* Mageia 4

One new distro has been added:
	* Fedora 25

We had to temporarily disable the building of packages for Mageia 5. The
problem is that the tool used for generating the repository files is not
very compatible with other distros and I did not find a working
combination of genhdlist2, URPM and librpm that works on Debian without
any warnings or errors. We therefore decided to pause the builds until
we made sure that we can provide a fully working repository. changes

This only affects users who are still getting their packages from So far we were providing two repositories, the
original one at and the new one at
We wanted to get rid of the original one for quite some time now, since
both repositories basically contain the same packages. We decided that
it is now the perfect time to make this step. In order to receive
further updates, those users will have to switch to the
repository by following the normal installation instructions. We will
also post an announcement on the website to make all
users aware of this change.


As you can see there are plenty of changes, and there are even more
developer related changes ahead. Although we would like to avoid any
inconvenience, there is some manual work involved for some of our users.
Ubuntu users will have to switch to the WineHQ repository, and users will have to update repository paths for
all distributions. Nevertheless, we believe that these changes are very
useful and will make things much easier in the long term.


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