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Tue Oct 10 08:26:26 CDT 2017

Hi Aric,

Thanks for your work!
And do you have a svg file of this design?

2017-07-26 23:40 GMT+08:00 Aric Stewart <aric at>:

> Hello Everyone!
> Long time not update. Been a busy, busy time but Jana and I have had a
> chance to circle back to the swag with the goal of having a stack ready for
> WineConf.
> The poll concluded with the sideways bottle, Though some of the
> suggestions where good so we made a few tweaks and attached is the sticker
> we have come up with.
> We are looking into the best way to produce the sticker and it is all very
> excited.
> The idea is that we want people who go to events, talks, trade shows or
> anywhere promoting WINE to be able to have a stack of these to give away to
> help promote the project.
> We don't have a good distribution plan yet other than a box of stickers in
> my office and people e-mailing me when they need a supply. That does
> involve ongoing shipping costs that will have to be covered.  If we have a
> volunteer in Europe to also have a stash then that would likely be a better
> plan for European people.
> There where a few questions around re-design of the Logo and such. I
> personally think a graphics/logo update of our web site would be awesome
> but I am not volunteering as I am not a graphic designer. All of Jana's
> designs that used the existing wine glass just did not work as well as the
> bottle ones we had up on the poll so we decided to be a big adventurous and
> go with this.
> Finally, the idea is for this to be sort of step 1 in swag/promotion
> process.  We want to get people reaching out, tabling, doing talks and all
> that sort of thing and having swag helps raise the project's status. This
> is of course a discussion for WineConf, but want to keep the thoughts
> bubbling.
> -aric

Jactry Zeng
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