[01/10] secur32: Implement AcquireCredentialsHandle for Kerberos.

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at baikal.ru
Mon Oct 16 04:05:58 CDT 2017

Hi Hans,

Hans Leidekker <hans at codeweavers.com> wrote:

> This series is based on a patch by Rob Shearman.

Since during some time I was involved in the project that aims adding
Kerberos support to Wine (it's still not fully finished yet, that's why
we haven't published it yet) I have some comments on your approach.

Our main target for testing was KerberosAuthenticationTester.exe from
(the author doesn't provide the sources, but it's pretty trivial to get
full C# source for the whole application, so understanding and debugging
is not an issue). Another good test is klist.exe from (older) PSDK.

Our team also decided to use Rob's patch as a base for SSP, and in addition
we've also implemented Kerberos ticket management API.

Main difference between your and our approaches is the architecture.
We decided to add support for Kerberos using an approximation to what
Windows has in place: implement Authentication Package (AP) manager in
secur32 (LSA APIs) which dinamically loads APs listed in the registry.
All the real code (both SSP and AP) is implemented in kerberos.dll,
which dynamically loads libkrb5.so and gssapi_krb5.so.

Did you consider moving the Kerberos support into separate kerberos AP/SSP dll?


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