[1/2] kerberos: Add a stub for Kerberos5 Authentication Package.

Jacek Caban jacek at codeweavers.com
Tue Oct 17 07:57:42 CDT 2017


It's great to see kerberos support moving forward.

On 10/17/17 1:07 PM, Hans Leidekker wrote:
> Thanks. Alexandre pointed out that we do not need to load libkrb5
> dynamically because libgssapi_krb5 depends on libkrb5. So if libkrb5
> is missing the SSP wouldn't be usable anyway.

I do not think that a not functioning stub (when dependencies are 
missing) is useless. I added the stub because it was needed (and enough) 
for Office 2013 installer. The installer needs to register 
authentication info for its RPC server successfully. As long as no 
actual authentication is done (and installer also registers NTLM info, 
which is used in practice), a stub is enough.

That said, if EnumerateSecurityPackagesW will not return kerberos 
without libkrb5 available, libkrb5 will become a hard dependency of 
Office 2013 installer (and Office 2016 I guess, but I didn't verify 
that). It might be okay, but please take that into account in 


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