[PATCH 4/4] d3d9/tests: Windows 10 15.07 doesn't detect external mode changes.

Henri Verbeet hverbeet at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 06:25:54 CDT 2017

On 19 October 2017 at 10:09, Stefan Dösinger <stefan at codeweavers.com> wrote:
> This fixes this test failure:
> http://test.winehq.org/data/9787af34b1c23deb67902fc7dbf2c8421b987048/win10_newtb-w1064-32/d3d9:d3d9ex.html
> What I have tried to debug or try to work around this issue:
> *) Checked that the resolution is actually changed. It is changed from
> 640x480 to 800x600.
> *) IDirect3DSwapchain9Ex::GetDisplayModeEx sees the new mode. Calling
> this method does not make Present see it though.
> *) Replace Present with PresentEx.
> *) Call flush_events before calling Present.
> I'm happy to try more ideas, but I think this is just broken in this
> Windows build. It is working OK in my 17.03 VM, and I believe it was
> working on 16.07 too, but I don't have 16.07 around anymore because it
> auto updated to 17.03...

Should we update the Windows 10 VMs at some point? Do we want to keep
the old versions around?

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