[PATCH] comctl32: Add RegisterClassNameW stub

Fabian Maurer dark.shadow4 at web.de
Sat Oct 21 18:53:39 CDT 2017

On Sonntag, 22. Oktober 2017 01:20:43 CEST Nikolay Sivov wrote:
> I don't think you need separate export to register classes. As a test
> create your own dll with such export, and see if it's called from test
> exe when some referenced class name is requested, as far as I remember
> this was only used in early versions.

Well, I don't know if it's currently still used on windows, but according to 
my tests it still works. You can use that function to make comctl32 register 
one of its classes, for example "Combobox" as "6.0.7601.17514!Combobox".

The other ways I found to make comctl32 register its classes (all of them at 
once) is to call GetClassInfoExW or CreateWindowExW with windows class 
WC_BUTTONW/WC_COMBOBOXW/etc. Don't know that internally works though, just 
loading the library is not enough for it to register its classes, somehow 
comctl32 needs to be told when to register its classes.
Is it a bad idea to use this function for this purpose? AFAIK it's introduced 
after XP, and is used to register the redirected classes. Correct me if I'm 
wrong though.

Honestly, I'm not sure if they want custom dlls to export such a function, but 
it might be possible it's used in comctl32. I'll try to make an own side-by-
side dll to test that.

Fabian Maurer

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