Setting a source directory in winedbg

Mihai Todor todormihai at
Mon Oct 30 14:56:32 CDT 2017

Hi Everyone,

I noticed that I can set the source directory via the `dir` command in
winedbg, but, for some reason, it rejects absolute paths, like
Z:\bla\blah, claiming that ":" is a syntax error. I tried to enclose
the path in quotes / double quotes, but then the quote / double quote
is rejected as a syntax error. I don't have sufficient knowledge of
bison to grok the code in programs/winedbg/dbg.y, so is there a way to
escape the colon symbol?

As a workaround, I mapped my build directory under Wine, but that is
really annoying.

Thank you,
Mihai Todor

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