[PATCH vkd3d 2/3] Makefiles: Make the sed(1) command more portable.

Henri Verbeet hverbeet at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 19:35:59 CDT 2018

On 2 August 2018 at 21:23, Chip Davis <cdavis at codeweavers.com> wrote:
> Also, make the output a little less verbose when V=0.
That's probably fine, but should go into a separate patch. The prefix
we use for build system changes is "build: ".

> -       $(VKD3D_V_WIDL)$(WIDL) -o $@ $<
> -       sed -e '/#include <\(rpc.h\|rpcndr.h\)>/d' -i $@
> +       $(VKD3D_V_WIDL)$(WIDL) -o $@.tmp $<
> +       $(AM_V_at) sed -e '/#include <rpc.h>/d' -e '/#include <rpcndr.h>/d' <$@.tmp >$@
> +       $(AM_V_at) rm -f $@.tmp
I think that should be using $(RM) and $(SED). (Yes, we already have
existing instances of "sed".)

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