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Hi Michael,

On 11/05/17 16:29, Michael Meeks wrote:
> On 30/03/17 21:16, Michael Stefaniuc wrote:
>>> 	I'd -really- love some input on how best to trace that series of COM
>>> method calls on Windows itself ie. the (remote) service activation, and
>>> the RPC beyond that - particularly the method names, parameters etc. of
>>> the COM/OLE Office API. I've tried (so far):
>> don't you have at least a tlb file for the culprit COM stuff? You can
>> look at that with oleview; Wine implements one too should you be on Linux.
> 	Thanks for your help here; we ended up writing something like this:
>> You don't need Wine for that. You can write wrappers around the COM
>> classes you need, easily if you have the info from the TLB.

	Just an update - and in case it is useful to any noble Wine hackers out
there for some reason :-) we eventually implemented COLEAT:

	based on your advice, and a chunk more research - that lets us trace
OLE automation in its several forms: even pre-compiled VB6 executables'
usage - such that we can create COM interoperability APIs for Collabora
Office / LibreOffice.

	We used IAT patching in the end to inject our tracing proxies, and of
course - all patches most welcome.

	Thanks for the pointers,


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