[PATCH v2 2/2] crypt32: Properly check root certificate in CERT_CHAIN_REVOCATION_CHECK_CHAIN.

Marvin testbot at winehq.org
Wed Aug 22 01:38:32 CDT 2018


While running your changed tests on Windows, I think I found new failures.
Being a bot and all I'm not very good at pattern recognition, so I might be
wrong, but could you please double-check?

Full results can be found at:

Your paranoid android.

=== debian9 (build) ===
../../../wine/dlls/crypt32/chain.c:2702:40: error: invalid operands to binary & (have ‘DWORD {aka unsigned int}’ and ‘void *’)
../../../wine/dlls/crypt32/chain.c:2703:40: error: expected ‘)’ before ‘.’ token
../../../wine/dlls/crypt32/chain.c:2703:21: error: label ‘revocationStatus’ used but not defined
Makefile:253: recipe for target 'chain.o' failed
Makefile:8556: recipe for target 'dlls/crypt32' failed
Task: The win32 build failed

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