[PATCH] user32: When registering redirected class use correct base class name

Fabian Maurer dark.shadow4 at web.de
Thu Aug 23 16:50:47 CDT 2018

> > Wouldn't this mean we register a class like "6.0.2600.2180!Combobox"
> > as "6.0.2600.2180!ComboBox" instead? AFAIK that's wrong, that's why I
> > did it the way I did.
> Why is that wrong?

I entered different version strings into google, and every occurance has had it 
lowercase, leading me to believe it's that way on windows, too.
Besides, currently Wine also registers it with lowercase "Combobox". I don't 
know how important that is though, can an application get the versioned string 
(except from the activation context)?

Fabian Maurer
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