Your weekly winetest update

Alex Henrie alexhenrie24 at
Fri Feb 2 00:08:14 CST 2018

2018-02-01 19:10 GMT-07:00 Zebediah Figura <z.figura12 at>:
> While I'm certainly willing to fix every last failure myself if need be,
> just think how much easier it would be if people who were familiar with
> the code took a look at it!

Oh gosh. It's like a hunger strike, only you're threatening to lose
your sanity :-O

> * d3dx9_36:math is slightly off on the spherical harmonics values due to
> the differences in FP math on 64-bit. Here's inviting someone who knows
> the math to check all of our numbers and make sure they're correct, or
> otherwise do as Alex Henrie did for spherical light [8].

With the spherical light tests, I both corrected the numbers and
relaxed the test stringency, because Windows errs a little in one
direction and Wine errs a little more in the other direction. I might
be able to fix the spherical harmonic tests if someone points me
towards an understandable introduction to spherical harmonics in
computer science.

> Perhaps in these cases the best thing to do is to mark those
> todo_wine_if (sizeof (void *) == 8), since properly implementing the
> 64-bit marshaller takes more work than anyone is willing to do.

This is a very good idea. How about putting this in wine/test.h:

#ifdef _WIN64
#define todo_wine64 todo_wine
#define todo_wine64


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