[PATCH] configure: Check for -Wno-pragma-pack

Thomas Faber thomas.faber at reactos.org
Mon Jan 22 17:13:38 CST 2018

On 2018-01-22 22:42, Martin Storsjö wrote:
>>> This avoids warnings for each include of pshpack*.h/poppack.h.
>> Do you think a #pragma clang diagnostic inside those headers would be 
>> feasible, to avoid hiding true positive instances of this warning?
> I tested this now. It's easy to get rid of the warnings from the 
> pshpack*.h files (by e.g. #pragma clang diagnostic push, #pragma clang 
> diagnostic ignored "-Wpragma-pack").
> Bbut if I do "#pragma clang diagnostic pop" within poppack.h, the 
> warning is enabled again once the end of poppack.h is reached, and the 
> warning gets triggered at the end of the source file. So each pair of 
> pshpack*.h/poppack.h would need disabling the warning ignoring again 
> after the #include "poppack.h".
> Do you have any suggestions on how to handle that better, or is it just 
> simplest to go for the blanket ignore?

Thanks for trying it out. That's pretty much what I feared. Sounds like
this warning is broken by design then, so the blanket disable seems
right to me.

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