Automating analysis of behaioural differences between Wine and Windows?

Daniel Santos daniel.santos at
Fri Jan 26 16:47:56 CST 2018

Some time back I had investigated a concept for a tool to aid in
discovering behavioral differences between Wine and Windows.  I have
most of the technological issues figured out -- it would be a bit of an
undertaking, but can be developed iteratively so that it could begin to
pay for its self fairly soon.  However, I need advise on rather or not
it would create tort.

Put simply, it would be a layer built into Wine that records win32/64
API calls and their results and another layer on Windows that does the
same.  The two results can then be analyzed to discover behavioral
differences.  Of course, this is a heavily over-simplified explanation
as there are many gory details of how to make this work, perform
acceptably, produce useful information, remove noise, etc., but could
this produce a legal problem?  I would hope to be able to use such a
tool on a typical piece of commercial software with a typical EULA.  To
me, it doesn't seem differ much from what antivirus software does.


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