[PATCH] comctl32/tests: Add test for v6 combobox dropdown size

Fabian Maurer dark.shadow4 at web.de
Wed Jan 31 16:03:04 CST 2018

> > There seems to be some inconsistency between windows versions, the test
> > fails for xp and 2003. Should I just check for windows version and
> > adjust the tests accordingly?
> If it's not essential to demonstrate new behavior of version 6
> implementation, you can as well drop it.

It's not, I'll get rid of it when reducing the amount of tests.

> > +#define COMBO_YBORDERSIZE() 2
> Why is it defined like that if it's a constant? Also if it's going to be
> used in this new test only you can use actual constant variable in new
> test function.

It was defined in original combo like that, that's why I used that. But sure, I'll make it into a 
local constant.

> I'm a bit concerned about somewhat long loops this data will cause. Is
> it really necessary to have that many items?

Probably not, no. I just wanted to make sure, I'll trim that down.

> Please reformat this to use consistent spacing - 1 space after keyword.

Ah, sorry I always forget about that... I'll clean it up right away.

Thanks for the quick reply, I'll send an updated version soon.

Fabian Maurer
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