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Alex Henrie alexhenrie24 at
Sat Mar 3 21:33:26 CST 2018

2018-03-03 3:42 GMT-07:00 Carlos Vega García <carlosvegagc at>:
> My name is Carlos Vega and I am an IT student from Canary Islands. I am
> emailing in reference to an idea that I have for Wine that I would like to
> do with GSOC.

Hola Carlos, y ¡gracias por tu interés en Wine! All Wine GSoC
applicants must submit a patch to wine-devel (and presumably, have it
accepted) before beginning GSoC. Find some small bug in Wine or
something to improve and send a patch to show your skills. You'll want
to read through the following pages:

For example, Wine's Spanish translation needs at least 377 strings
translated or updated. This could be a good thing to work on to
familiarize yourself with Wine's patch acceptance process. I can give
you some suggestions and review your work if you want to help with

> For at least a week I’ve been looking how does Wine works. First, I have to
> say that it has been done an incredible job. When I was using it, I thought
> that it would be great to have a place to focus the main utilities of Wine.
> This could be like a “Start Menu” where you can access to: the explorer,
> configurations, online help, cmd, installed apps (if it is possible);
> without needing to use the terminal. ¿Why? Because in my opinion this could
> be make Wine more easy to use for non-experts users in computers and more
> friendly for a touch environment.
> If I get selected to work in this organization, I would like to do this and
> update explorer.exe. I think that is a great opportunity for trying de
> experience of being part of an open source project and working in a project
> that I could use a lot in my time.

Wine actually already has a basic Start Menu if run with `wine
explorer /desktop=shell`. I think it would be nice to have more stuff
in it, but I don't think that just working on the Start Menu is a big
enough project for Summer of Code. If you really want to help with the
Start Menu, you will have to pick some other smallish projects to do
as well.

You might, however, like to add drag-and-drop and other functionality
to Wine's file browser. This project is on the official page of
suggested projects:

Choose something that's interesting to you. ¡Buena suerte!


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