[PATCH 1/1] Fix Bug 44570

Fabian Maurer dark.shadow4 at web.de
Mon Mar 5 13:10:40 CST 2018

Hello Tom,

AFAIK the Z:\ symlink is not be hardcoded and can be changed via winecfg, so this doesn't 
look right to me.
Just try to remove the symlink and open wine cmd in a folder outside your wineprefix, it 
looks something like "unix\home\fabian\Programming\Wine"

Also, "wine-dev explorer ." does not work when cmd is open in drive_c, it opens Z: instead.

> I'm not much of a Windows user so was unaware of the possibility to
> use a "window path", how are they formatted?

That's the paths with backslashes in them, like ".\windows/system32". Or alternatively 
something like "\\?\C:\" (Which doesn't seem to work either, but not related to this issue)

You probably want to create a few tests if possible, and then work from there. That's what 
I'd try, at least.

Fabian Maurer

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