WriteFile() segfaults...

Zebediah Figura z.figura12 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 13:16:00 CST 2018

On 05/03/18 12:53, Tom Watson wrote:
> Over the weekend I seem to have triggered a number of segfaults while
> writing tests by sending 0 as the optional bytes written parameter;
>    WriteFile(handle, buffer, sizeof(buffer), 0, NULL);
> Test patch/runs on testbot
> here: https://testbot.winehq.org/JobDetails.pl?Key=36430 
> I download the resulting .exe and ran it against current git source
> locally and it works fine.
> Is this a known issue? Something going on with testbot? Something I'm
> doing wrong? Or does it require some more investigation?
> Cheers.

Hello Tom,

The testbot runs each test against a Windows machine. On Windows, it's
not allowed to pass a NULL parameter in for the number of bytes written,
unless the overlapped parameter is used:

"This parameter can be NULL only when the lpOverlapped parameter is not

That this works on Wine is not really correct behaviour, but it's not
worth "fixing" either.


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