[PATCH 1/7] wsdapi: Add wsdapi_internal.h for shared internal function and macro definitions.

Owen Rudge orudge at codeweavers.com
Mon Mar 12 07:05:16 CDT 2018

On 12/03/2018 10:18, Huw Davies wrote:

> Is it possible to query the soap message in some way as it's built up?

Hi Huw,

I expect I could try to submit the patchset in reverse order - i.e., add 
code to send a (more or less empty) UDP message; then build up the SOAP 
message progressively (which is what I attempted to do with this 
series), sending what's generated at each stage. I don't know if that 
might be more acceptable?

The current unit tests I have for the Publish method look for particular 
IDs that are sent as part of the message. I may be able to add to these 
tests to see if it can pick out elements in a partial message, but at 
the moment it's looking for the completed message, as it's quite 
possible that the system being unit tested is receiving genuine messages 
from elsewhere on the network, which would then potentially cause false 
positives. The end result we want is a complete message, so adding these 
'intermediate' tests may not be very practical.



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