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Mon Mar 12 15:22:12 CDT 2018

On Mar 12, 2018 15:12, "Abhishek Kumar" <abhishek.sec09 at gmail.com> wrote:

i am waiting for long time for my answer so that i can prepare my proposal
well content, well documented.So please cooperate and guide me.And answer
my Question So that i can implement the project well.I am just comfirming
those issue but you people are not helping.

We can only help so much. If you consistently change email headers or
repeat your questions after 4 hours of no reply, you're less likely to get

As stated earlier, you'll want to read through the explorer and shell32
code, then ask specific questions. It's not as simple as pointing to the
code, as it's not implemented. For a successful proposal, you need to show
us that you can research a project on your own, with minimal help. Mentors
have their own lives and can't guide you 24/7.
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