Zebediah Figura z.figura12 at
Wed Mar 14 10:09:52 CDT 2018

On 14/03/18 00:33, Adeniyi Mayokun wrote:

Hello Adeniyi,

I see you seem to have decided to take it upon yourself to submit Nils
Kuhnhenn's patches from here:

Please note that attribution must be given to the original author of the
patch; you have changed the author of each patch to yourself and
neglected to mention Nils at all.

With regard to some of the individual patches:

* The wined3d patch seems to have been incorrectly rebased. Did you in
fact try to compile it? Besides this the original patch was incorrect,
and the underlying idea probably is not workable in the given form; see
Sebastian Lackner's comments at [1].

* Linked list prefetching patch causes test failures in its current
form: [2]



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