Bizarre issue: For loop in DLL (witten in C) breaks early for no obvious reason

Sebastian M. Ernst ernst at
Wed Mar 14 12:43:03 CDT 2018

Hi everyone,

I'd like to draw you attention to an bizarre issue I am experiencing:

Synopsis: I am experimenting with a DLL written in C and callback
functions written in Python. I am working with mingw (32 bit) on top of
64 bit Linux for compiling the DLL. For running the DLL and the Python
script, I am using an official 32 bit release build of CPython 3.5.3 for
Windows on top of 32 bit *Wine* 2.18. My DLL contains a for-loop, which
calls a call-back function in the Python script once per iteration. For
some really odd reason, the for loop breaks early after a fluctuating,
non-deterministic number of loops. The function containing the loop
continues to run as if nothing happened. For more details and code
examples please have a look at the question I posted as SO.

Apparently, my issue is not reproducible on Windows - at least comments
suggest that - so there is a chance that this is related to Wine. Thanks
for any help.

Best regards,

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