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Alistair Leslie-Hughes leslie_alistair at
Thu Mar 15 04:02:01 CDT 2018

Hi Kai,

On 15/03/18 18:46, Kai Krakow wrote:

Since a similar discussion has come up, what would be the proposed way to suggest tested patches from staging to mainline?

I'm currently carrying one or another selected (simple) patch from staging in my local patch-set that I apply to the latest wine version tag (so, I'm not running master). And these patches have proven quality for me since a view versions now.
That good that other are testing the patches.  The main point here is to make sure they will be acceptable upstream.
For example many of the wined3d/d3dx patches, work really well but need more work before they will be accepted.

Which patches are looking at?

Should I just submit the patch to this list and remove Signed-off-by? Should I add Tested-by? Should I contact the original author first?

Or should I add something to the subject like "PATCH suggest", and let "git send-mail" also ping the original author?
Leave the "Signed-off-by" there unless you have made major changes to the logic of the original patch.  Your
"Signed-off-by" needs to be there as well.

Please use git send-mail.

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