Wine Vulkan loader (vulkan-1.dll)

Alex Henrie alexhenrie24 at
Sat Mar 17 15:56:13 CDT 2018

Missatge de Roderick Colenbrander <thunderbird2k at> del dia ds., 17
de març 2018 a les 12:39:
> 1. Use the official Vulkan loader and bundle it with Wine. The vulkan
> loader is open source and could thus be bundled. However last year the
> license switched from BSD to Apache.
> At some point I compiled the loader using winegcc though had to make a
> few code changes, which I'm sure could be upstreamed to Khronos.

Thanks for working on this! I don't know what the right solution is, but
just so you know: You'd also have to convert the // comments in the loader
code to /* */ comments because of the large number of compiler versions
Wine tries to support.


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