[PATCH 3/8] [v2] wsdapi: Add support for sending messages via UDP multicast.

Owen Rudge owen at owenrudge.net
Mon Mar 19 06:11:11 CDT 2018

Hi Huw,

> There are still some very long lines in this patch (and others in the
> series).  Personally, I find anything over c.120 hard to follow.

Sorry, I think I had amended line length in some of the earlier patches then forgot with the later patches - will check those again.

> Any reason why you didn't use static const here?  Then you don't need the
> explicit initialization, which clang wants to be {{0}} anyway.

Thanks, I'll amend that.

> I wonder whether we really want a new thread / message.  This should probably be moved
> to a thread pool api, but perhaps that can happen later on.

Mainly because on systems with a several network interfaces, this can result in the function call taking a long time, due to the delays enforced by the WSD/SOAP specifications. Sending messages simultaneously on several threads speeds this up considerably. On Windows the API appears to return near-instantly so I presume it's doing the same.

A thread pool would likely be sensible but I'd prefer not to rewrite this code again at present if possible.



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