[PATCH 1/8] [v2] wsdapi: Add wsdapi_internal.h for shared internal function and macro definitions.

Owen Rudge owen at owenrudge.net
Mon Mar 19 06:26:35 CDT 2018

Hi Huw,

> I think the patch ordering is now much better.  I've added a few
> comments on specific patches.

Thanks again, I'll take note of these.

> Have you thought about thread safety at all?  Is the api supposed to
> be thread safe?

I can't see anything on MSDN indicating thread safety for this API. For the Publisher interface at least, it's generally a case that you'll set up the publisher, register a notification callback interface, and call Publish, which one would assume you'd do on a single thread. The callbacks from WSD will almost always be executed on a different thread (so the client will need to ensure thread safety there), and the client may then call other Publisher functions (e.g., MatchProbe).

Internally the publisher listening threads, which will execute the callback functions (patches still to be submitted) are thread-safe.



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