WineTest cw1 and cw2 update

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Wed Mar 21 08:12:22 CDT 2018

I did another minor Linux update to add more libraries needed by Wine: 
libvulkan-dev:amd64 & i386 and I hacked symbolic links so we get 32 bit 
support for,,, 

This does not seem to have significantly changed the number of failing 
test units.

I also updated Windows 10 to the latest 1709 release and all updates up 
to 2018/03/17. Unfortunately this causes a flurry of new failures. So 
much so that rejects the results.

I double checked the results but I did not see a single cause that could 
point at a configuration issue which would explain all these failures. 
So it seems like these new failures come from Windows 10 changes.

So cw1 and cw2 are now running WineTest in both the old 1507 Windows 10 
disk image, and in the new 1709 one. The old results appear using the 
usual tags and the new one, should they one day get under 50 failures, 
will appear under the cw*-1709-* tags.

For now the latter will have to be fished out of the rejected reports 
page though.

I will now update the w1064 VM to make it easier to fix the tests.

Francois Gouget <fgouget at>

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