Requesting help with NDR

Zebediah Figura z.figura12 at
Thu Mar 22 00:27:26 CDT 2018

In the course of trying to marshall MSI for bug #18070 I ran into a
crash trying to marshall an interface pointer, caused by a double free.
I traced the superfluous frees back to dlls/rpcrt4/ndr_ole.c:

 *           NdrInterfacePointerFree [RPCRT4.@]
void WINAPI NdrInterfacePointerFree(PMIDL_STUB_MESSAGE pStubMsg,
                                   unsigned char *pMemory,
                                   PFORMAT_STRING pFormat)
  TRACE("(%p,%p,%p)\n", pStubMsg, pMemory, pFormat);
  if (pUnk) IUnknown_Release(pUnk);

Could anyone shed light on what the purpose of this call is? It doesn't
seem to correspond with any AddRef() or QueryInterface() call anywhere
else. Presumably it would correspond with NdrInterfacePointerMarshall(),
which calls CoMarshalInterface(), but the latter only causes references
to be grabbed by the stub manager, and those (as far as I can tell by
skimming) are released when SendReceive() is called.

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