Student preparing for GSoC

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Fri Mar 23 15:28:10 CDT 2018

> Am 23.03.2018 um 04:52 schrieb Kieran Duggan <kieranduggan15 at>:
> Would making the tests safe to run in parallel be a good proposal idea? Or is it too ambitious for a summer project.
> Running these tests in one process is painstaking on my FX-8350
I agree with Austin that it is not a good gsoc project, largely because it is a mix of 'impossible' and 'trivial'.

Some tests can't be run in parallel because they change the screen resolution, e.g. ddraw, d3d8, d3d9, etc. Some user32 tests test handling of window focus loss and restore, which breaks if a separate test opens a window in a bad moment.

Dan Kegel once upon a time made a list of tests that can be parallelized.

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