Suggestion: VK_APPS key (i.e. popup menu key)

Gero Zahn geroz at
Mon Mar 26 06:07:31 CDT 2018


I submitted a pull-request over at
and @AndreRH was so kind as to inform me that it wouldn't be picked up 
over there. ;-)

So, here goes: I'm using wine on macOS with a regular PC keyboard. When 
using Windows applications, I miss support for the right popup menu key 
-- that's not the right Windows / Command key, but actually VK_APPS.

I've been patching via hex editor manually for quite a 
while to enable support for this key. Now I thought that I might 
contribute this otherwise harmless improvement back to the source code.

... I have to admit that I didn't compile the patch myself. :-( But I am 
convinced that my modification to the source should result in the 
desired functionality.

Here's the (minuscule) patch to keyboard.c -- if the format shouldn't 
suffice, you can find everything else in above mentioned wine-mirror link at

  ---------->8 snip

$ diff keyboard_orig.c keyboard_patched.c
 >     kVK_APPS                = 0x6E,
<     { 0,                        0,              FALSE },    /* 0x6E 
unused */
 >     { VK_APPS,                  0x6E,           TRUE },     /* 
 >     { VK_APPS,                  "Apps" },

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