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Sergio Gómez Del Real sdelreal at
Tue Mar 27 09:31:13 CDT 2018

Hello, guys,

On 27/03/18 09:11, Alex Henrie wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 26, 2018 at 9:26 PM Hua Meng <161220092 at> wrote:
>> Hi, Alex~
>> After getting more familiar with Wine, I'm also interested in project:
> Implement Unicode string normalization.
>> But there is a question. I found the project has a conflict with Sergio'
> work. So I wonder whether the project is suitable for gsoc if Sergio
> complete his work.
> I put myself down as a possible mentor for Unicode string normalization
> without realizing that a lot of work has already been done on it. I think
> we should just let Sergio finish it. I have removed this project from the
> GSoC ideas list.
> -Alex

Yes, unfortunately I think I'm mostly done with the normalization stuff; 
I'm currently working on getting it accepted upstream (there are a few 
details missing, although I don't know if they'd be suited for a GSoC 
If, however, you are interested in working on something Unicode-related 
for Wine, I think there is opportunity for some good things, and Unicode 
can be attractive because it is relatively easy to dive into that part 
of Wine (much more than other parts like wined3d, at least): there is 
opportunity of working on optimizations, using Unicode tables to quickly 
verify if a string is already normalized (which would imply the 
implementation of the IsNormalize win-32 API function); Hangul syllable 
characters haven't been really tested; there is work to do for Wine in 
general to accept strings with characters with code points > 0xffff; the 
FindNLSStringEx win-32 API functon must be rewritten using 
NormalizeString(); among other things. If you are interested, I could 
help you find a suitable project, so that then you can make the proposal 
and talk to Alex about it.

- Sergio

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