New bandwidth for

Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed Mar 28 10:11:43 CDT 2018


We've now upgraded WineHQ from a 20Mbps line to a 100Mbps line 
(burstable to 1G).  This also moves us to Level3 (which is Century Link 
now :-(  ).

Note that most users should not see a difference; the bulk of real 
traffic should be going through Fastly (who is *awesome*).  The main 
thing that this should avoid is that when we do a release, we 
effectively get ddos'd by Fastly.  I never did figure that out, so I've 
chosen to throw money at the problem.

In theory, now when we do a release, our pipe is big enough to satisfy 
Fastly, and the web site should not get ddos'd.

It doesn't change fundamentals; latency should be similar (we see a big 
improvement, Alexandre sees a slight degradation).

The box is also chugging hard; it may be time to shift the SQL database 
to a different system to reduce the strain.  Perhaps that is a 
conversation for Wineconf.



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