Google Summer of Code 2018

Valentin Mitrea mitrea.valentin at
Wed Mar 28 12:26:52 CDT 2018

Hello Wine community,

My name is Valentin and, in the scope of Google Summer of Code 2018, I have
submitted two Wine proposals. A few words about me: I am a 2nd year student
in the 3D Graphics and Multimedia master program at the Faculty of
Automatic Control and Computer Science from University Politehnica of
Bucharest. I am currently working at my master thesis project so that I can
successfully finish the master program.

I have used Wine a little in the past and it looked like a very interesting
project. So, getting a chance to work on it, motivated me to drop the
applications at GSOC. Also, being at a graphics master and wishing to
pursue a career in this field, made me choose Wine project ideas that are
related to 3D graphics.

I have read through most of the Wine wiki pages and I managed to clone the
Git project, compile and install it on my Linux Mint. During the proposal
review period, I will start looking into the code to get acquainted with it
and I will try to submit a small patch so that I can prove my worth.

Looking forward to collaborating with you all!

Best regards,

Valentin Gabriel Mitrea.
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