[PATCH 1/2] windowscodecs: Use common base structure for component info implementations.

Vincent Povirk vincent at codeweavers.com
Thu Mar 29 15:11:03 CDT 2018

This looks fine, but I'm not sure if incrementally changing our
current implementation is the best approach. I know Windows doesn't
store data in the registry at all for builtin components, and my
impression is that for custom components it reads from the registry
all at once.

I think the ideal for us is to have some internal data structure
containing all the data, which would be static for builtins and
dynamic for registry info. We could probably get rid of the custom
registration for windowscodecs.dll on prefix creation (but I'm not
sure about the COM stuff).

I'm not aware of any application that uses its own custom components,
so it might not be all that bad to start over with static data and
leave the dynamic data for later if we need it. But that would be
removing a feature that theoretically works now.

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