Call for WineConf presentations

Zebediah Figura z.figura12 at
Thu Mar 29 23:21:29 CDT 2018

I would appreciate such a presentation. How much background (if any) on
the general architecture of 3D graphics do you think you'd give?

(so that I know how much reading up I need to do ;-)

On 29/03/18 06:02, Henri Verbeet wrote:
> Thanks for taking care of this.
> Before all the good slots are gone :D, would there be interest in some
> kind of introductory talk about Wine Direct3D architecture? I.e., how
> the various DLLs relate, what the various blocks of functionality are,
> etc. I imagine such a talk might be interesting for some of the newer
> contributors, but perhaps too obvious/boring for some of the others.
> Thoughts?
> Henri

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