Wine staging 4.14 release

Alistair Leslie-Hughes leslie_alistair at
Sat Aug 17 01:39:49 CDT 2019

Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

Summary since last release
* Rebased to current wine 4.14 (841 patches are applied to wine vanilla)
* FAudio is now used, same as vanilla wine.

The following patches are from the mailing list whilst AJ was on leave. 
If these
aren't accepted upstream by 4.14, they will be dropped or moved to staging
patchsets after that release.
* winebus: Use the SDL joystick index as device id instead of instance id
* ntoskrnl: Update the interface if it is already in the 
device_interfaces tree
* winex11.drv: Ignore XGrabPointer-induced warp events as well
* wine.inf: Remove registration for the winebus service.
* winebus.sys: Report the native product string for some Xbox gamepads
* user32: Also scan for mouse devices in GetRawInputDeviceList().
* cryptext: Implement CryptExtOpenCER.
* ntoskrnl.exe: IoInvalidateDeviceRelations() receives the parent PDO.
* winebus.sys: Initialize and teardown the HID backends while the bus 
FDO is still extant.
* wineboot: Create a root-enumerated device object for winebus.
* winebus.sys: Implement AddDevice().
* winebus.inf: Add new INF file and copy it to the INF directory.

Upstreamed (Either directly from staging or fixed with a similar patch).
* wined3d: Reset context before destruction.
* include: Add IDebugClient2-7 interfaces.

* [46274] user32: Prevent a recursive loop with the activation messages.

* wintab32-improvements
* wusa-MSU_Package_Installer
* fsutil-Stub_Program
* advapi32-Token_Integrity_Level

Where can you help
* Run Steam/
* Test your favorite game.
* Test your favorite applications.
* Improve staging patches and get them accepted upstream.

As always, if you find a bug, please report it via

Best Regards

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