mferror clarification for translators

Julian Rüger jr98 at
Fri Dec 6 07:32:11 CST 2019

Hi Nikolay!

Once again, I have a question regarding your mferror strings.

msgid "Media sink stream sinks set is fixed.\n"

Is this
(Media sink) (stream sinks set)?
Or (Media sink stream) (sinks set)?
What is that supposed to mean exactly? ;)

Also "fixed" as in "cannot be changed", "repaired/corrected" or
something else?


If anyone speaking German has ideas for less clumsy translations, I'm
all ears...

msgid "Sample allocation was canceled.\n"
msgstr "Allokation des Abtastwerts wurde abgebrochen.\n"

msgid "Stream sinks are out of sync.\n"
msgstr "Datenstromausgänge nicht mehr synchron.\n"

msgid "No samples were processed by the sink.\n"
msgstr "Es wurden keine Abtastwerte durch den Ausgang verarbeitet.\n"

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