[PATCH] kernel32: update version to win7

Sveinar Søpler cybermax at dexter.no
Wed Dec 18 14:23:38 CST 2019

On 18.12.2019 20:10, Fabian Maurer wrote:
> Just curious, shouldn't this best be dependent on the set windows version?
> Regards,
> Fabian Maurer
I do not think that is possible. These "version strings" set the version 
on the fake-dll's. I have had similar issues when diddling with the 
nvapi testing project. This is cos some apps just check the version of 
the dll, while the "windows version" you set with winecfg is just via 
the registry really.

Probably not a standard on how windows apps should verify the running 
version. Since this something that is linked during compile it would be 
a bit of work to implement, cos you would really need a set of 
fake-dll's for each windows version you choose.

If anyone are up to the task of figuring out the differences of 
dll'version between all supported windows versions of wine and set up 
some mechanic that would replace needed fake-dll's each time you change 
windows version it could be interesting.

Not sure what could break if the kernel32.dll is "too new" (or any other 
dll for that matter), but if the answer is "probably nothing", this 
should be changed to the highest supported version imo... so not stop at 
windows 7. For info, Win10 1909 has version "10.0.18362.329"


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