[PATCH] winex11.drv: Always set focus to managed window when requested.

Alistair Leslie-Hughes leslie_alistair at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 23 05:27:44 CST 2019

Hi Rémi,

On 23/12/19 9:12 pm, Rémi Bernon wrote:
> Commit 71d35d8940118bc6de6522913fb8c473fa5b2c24 broke the way
> I can modify the test if that's what we want to do, but I'm assuming the
> test was moving the cursor over the original window on purpose.
No, modify the tests is just hiding the actual behavior of windows.  I 
have a feeling there are applications that rely on this, maybe bug 40045 
but still needs more investigation.

The tests where always failing under wine but never showed up until the 
return values were actually checked.


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