[PATCH 1/2] gdi32/tests: Don't treat a return value of COMPLEXREGION from IntersectClipRect() as broken.

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at baikal.ru
Tue Dec 31 22:53:45 CST 2019

Zebediah Figura <z.figura12 at gmail.com> wrote:

> > Even if every Windows version returns broken result doesn't make it
> > legitimate to return COMPLEXREGION when the region contains only 1
> > rectangle. This is clearly broken.
> > 
> Windows does many things that are nonsensical, buggy, or contradicting 
> their own documentation or other parts of the code. This seems nothing 
> new. If sufficiently motivated one could even argue that a simple region 
> is a special case of a complex region (I wouldn't actually be that 
> surprised if such reasoning led a Windows programmer to just always 
> return COMPLEXREGION because it was easier for them).

That's a pretty flawed argumentation, according to the tests the APIs
that return region type are not limited to COMPLEXREGION, they also
return SIMPLEREGION when appropriate. In any case adding more convincing
tests is always welcome if you really think that IntersectClipRect()
should always return COMPLEXREGION regardless of rectangle count in
the resulting region and type of the DC.

> Are we abandoning 
> the idea of bug-for-bug compatibility now?

Bug for bug compatibility makes sence only if there's an application that
depends on particular behaviour, as far as I know that's not the case here.

> I'm not arguing that we have to return COMPLEXREGION to satisfy the test 
> (I certainly have no intention of writing such a patch), but our tests 
> document the behaviour of Windows functions, not their documentation; 
> that's why they exist.

Current tests perfectly follow this documentating purpose rule, if they
don't adding more comments or tests is the right thing to do instead.


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